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Chloe- Founder and Director

Chloe-Founder,Director and CEO

"As an engineer, I love to solve problems and find solutions. The problems of menstrual taboo and lack of menstrual hygiene can really hold women back, be detrimental to their health and their confidence. 

I never set out to become an “expert on periods”, but the more I find out the more I realise we have to break down the taboo to solve other problems such as access to adequate sanitation, girls gaining access to equal education, women being able to work the same jobs as men and the amount of waste we create through our disposable culture."
Shai - Director and UK Programmes Coordinator

Shailini - Director and UK Programmes Coordinator

 "With limited financial and material resources, women who are homeless or living in poverty could find it difficult to pay for sanitary products or seek emotional support during their period. I’m currently working with organisations to implement and improve services surrounding menstruation, and conducting workshops with vulnerable women to engage and educate them about reusable menstrual products and menstrual health."
Alex - Marketing and Student Engagement Officer

Alex - Director and CMO

 "I’m a third year Politics and International Relations student at University of Bristol. My interests include environmental politics, gender and justice and comparative politics. I'm a liberal feminist and a strong supporter of egalitarianism. 

I've always wanted to work for an NGO and make a positive impact on both disadvantaged communities and the planet, so No More Taboo is a perfect place for that."
Carolyn - Specialist Adviser

Carolyn - Adviser

“I have worked in the third sector for a number of years - as Company Secretary for an interfaith broadcast project - Radio Salaam Shalom, as co-founder of a small aid initiative- Blanketaid, and as a co-ordinator at Bristol Refugee Rights.

My original training was in Dance Therapy, then in Theatre (BA Hons Dartington) with a strong emphasis on Arts Management. I have worked in the corporate and third sectors as a role player, workshop facilitator and coach.

I have long had a personal interest in feminist spirituality and the wisdom of feminine cycles and in 2013 I ran 5k to raise money for Ecofemme who run positive menstruation initiatives in India.

Having been at home with my son for the past 5 years, I'm about to start an MA in mindfulness-based psychotherapy.
Zoe - Event Coordinator

Zoe - Event Coordinator

"A final year ‘Politics and International Development’ student at University of the West of England (UWE) located in Bristol, a former Global Political Economy student representative and a keen contributor to anything political. 

Building the empowering organisation No More Taboo is self-fulfilling and morally demanded when women are still held back by their natural cycle. Growing up in England, I have been luckier than most. Through organisations like these we can give back to those less fortunate and increase our national (and global) social development; something I prioritise highly throughout my studies."
Natasha - Photography and Creative media officer

Natasha - Photography and Creative Media Officer

"I am a third year medical student at the University of Bristol with a passion for Art and Photography. Working for No More Taboo comes as a welcomed challenge: to portray an incredibly important message visually and thereby hopefully make a difference.

I also have a special interest in Global Health and Preventative Medicine, and believe NMT is effective altruism at work - inadequate menstrual hygiene in several less privileged areas greatly increases the risk of gynaecological infection which is almost completely preventable. No More Taboo has the potential to improve so many lives with simple interventions and I am very excited to see what the future holds!"
Adrianna - Branding and graphic design officer

Adrianna - Branding and Graphic Design Officer

"Second year Graphic Design student at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol. Fascinated with digital design, filmmaking, photography, dystopian books, sci-fi movies and yoga. When I was growing up in Poland, I noticed the taboo surrounding women's health and menstrual cycle. No More Taboo is an inspiring organisation which helps women around the world and I’m really happy to be a part of it!"
Holly - Fundraising Manager

Holly - Fundraising Manager

"I am passionate about women’s empowerment and environmental issues in equal measure and I think No More Taboo is the perfect place for me to do something with that passion and energy. An anthropologist by trade, I have worked in various roles in the charity sector in the past, including a year as a telephone fundraiser. I am really excited now to be involved in the movement to open up the conversation around menstruation and end the taboo for good."
Jenelle - Policy Lead and Programmes Adviser

Jenelle - Policy Lead and Programmes Adviser

"Working within the charity fundraising environment and with a background in politics and campaigning, I am working to ensure No More Taboo helps change the narrative on women’s menstrual issues both here and abroad. As someone who is passionate about women’s health, feminism and advocacy, being able to bring this together in my role for No More Taboo is something I feel lucky to have the chance to do.

Currently, we are in a changing political environment, with much instability and women are often the ones who feel this the most. With challenges also come opportunities and I am determined to help No More Taboo get the attention of the decision makers and influencers to help bring about positive change for both women in the UK and across the world facing menstrual hygiene issues."

Nki Nafisa - Volunteer Workshop Assistant

"I was very keen to contribute to No More Taboo in a role involving operational delivery. One of my big interests is in working around the intersection of inequality and education, particularly with regards to women. In light of this, No More Taboo’s mission is particularly special; period poverty is a factor of great significance in the entrenchment of gender inequality in education. Furthermore, our workshops use education as a tool to fight against gender inequality."

Deanna - Web Manager

"Feminist, ex-librarian, musician, and website manager in real life. Passionate about environmental issues and women’s health. Thrilled to work with the lovely No More Taboo people to make a difference to women’s lives by removing the taboos around periods, and raise awareness of reusable menstrual products."
Kaajal – Sales and Marketing Assistant

Kaajal - Sales and Marketing Assistant

"I’m a final year student at the University of Brighton studying International Business. I just finished my exchange year in Amsterdam, where I studied Entrepreneurship and Global Trade and Supply Chain Management, as well as taking the opportunity to travel and experience various cultures. Through my travels across Southeast Asia, I saw the struggle women went through in order to get affordable and hygienic menstrual sanitation, and by growing up in Kenya, I saw the same issues being faced by women and girls. Therefore I believe this issue needs to be addressed and No More Taboo provides the perfect foundation to improving the living standards for many women and girls across the world."

Rebecca- Strategist

Laura - Business Development Manager

Our Partners.

University of Bristol - Feminist Society

"The Bristol University Feminist Society are delighted to be working with No More Taboo on encouraging students to buy eco-friendly sanitary products that contribute to breaking down gender divides around the world. No one should be held back by menstruation, and we hope that one day it is truly considered an ordinary fact of life rather than an embarrassing problem."

University of West of England - Feminist Society


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Reducing the environmental impact of disposable sanitary products.
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Breaking the silence 
around menstruation and sanitation.
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Empowering women, both in the UK and in the developing world, by improving their menstrual hygiene management and access to sanitation. 
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