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Chloe portrait
Chloe volunteering in Bolivia
Chloe volunteering in Bolivia

In 2014, our founder Chloe went out to work in Bolivia on a menstrual hygiene management project with the charity Fundacion Sodis.

Through her work she met a group of girls who sparked the idea of 'No More Taboo'.

Chloe was shocked by how little knowledge the girls had of menstruation as well as the poor facilities and limited access to sanitary products women and girls must face in developing countries every day. Yet, these girls facing so many other problems had such concern for “Pacha Mama” or mother earth and were shocked by the damage disposable products can have on the environment. They endeavoured to use reusable products such as washable pads and menstrual cups.

This made Chloe think, why aren’t we doing more to tackle these problems back home? On her return to the UK in 2015 she set up the social enterprise 'No More Taboo'.

Since then the organisation has grown to have three main aspects

Selling sustainable sanitary products to reduce the amount of waste created and others.
And running charitable projects breaking taboos both in the UK and overseas with women living in poverty.
woman sitting on toilet with toilet paper in hand
 No More Taboo Menstrual Cup Travel Bag
no more taboo card
Monochrome photo of homeless woman reading a book
no more taboo volunteers at work
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